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  • +91 9797447177 OR +91 9419179715
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  1. Booking Contact:
  2. +91 9797447177 OR +91 9419179715
  3. zimskhang@gmail.com


Explore Ladakh with Hotel Alchi Zimskhang


Room has a luxurious double bed and a comfortable chair cum bed/a balcony. The room is ideal for complete relaxation while soaking in Ladakh’s unique ambience. It is further enhanced with comfortable leisure seating, a private balcony for you to relish a cup of hot aromatic morning tea while admiring the view of the mighty Himalayas and the ancient Monsatery of Alchi.


We have indoor and outdoor restaurant. The indoor restaurant is situated on the ground floor and features spectacular views of our garden. Our restaurant can accommodate up to 50 guests and serves you Indian, Ladakhi, Tibetan & Continental. Taste a variety of Ladakhi delicacies prepared by our experienced chefs during your stay at our Hotel.


Camping out under the trees is extremely popular at Alchi. Plan ahead and figure out what options you have for this enjoyable activity.